Car breakdowns can happen anytime due to faulty batteries, engine problems, defective alternators, damaged wheels, or electrical issues. Under such circumstances, you have no other option apart from hiring an agency offering car recovery services in Crawley. This blog throws light on the reasons behind car breakdowns.

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5 Common Reasons for Car Breakdown

Below are some of the common reasons for car breakdown:

Faulty battery:

Undoubtedly, it is the most common cause of battery breakdowns. Instances of defective battery particularly happen in winter. When there are battery problems, you can’t start your car. The battery powers the motor and turns the alternator, which eventually recharges the battery. Battery problems can arise due to a faulty component, issues with the charging system, leaving the car unused for a long period, etc.

Lost keys:

Most car keys include a microchip designed to prevent your car from being stolen. However, if you lose the key or lock it inside the car, it can lead to a car breakdown. Seeking professional assistance is necessary in this regard.

Damaged tyres:

Usually, a flat tyre is caused by a puncture. It is one of the most common causes of car breakdowns. If the tyre gets damaged due to a pothole or debris on a surface, you need to check for damage without giving it a second thought. Poorly maintained tyres can also cause problems over time. Hence, it’s important to check your car tyres after frequent intervals.

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Electrical issues:

A car’s electrical system comprises an extensive range of circuits. These circuits control everything, ranging from the headlights to the stereo. However, problems may arise because of defective wiring, burned-out bulbs, or blown fuses. If any of these issues happen, consult a car recovery expert for assistance. With his suggestions, you can understand what needs to be done.

Alternator faults:

The alternator generates power for your vehicle’s electrics. Without an alternator, the car engine can’t charge the battery. The stored power of your car’s battery keeps the electrics functioning for a certain period. However, if the alternator malfunctions, your battery will face the heat and go flat.

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