Jump-starting a car is not a common phenomenon. As a responsible car owner, you should never try to jump-start a car often. This can damage the car in the long run. Jump-starting is the last option if you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere with your car and its battery is dead.

It is important to know that when you start the car, there’s definitely some problem with the battery. Hence, this is a temporary solution. After you jump start in Crawley, get in touch with a professional garage, where they can check the condition of the battery and fix it.

Here are a few signs that suggest your car needs to be jump-started.

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Three signs that your car needs to be jump-started

Engine won’t start

Are you repeatedly hitting the car’s start button without any result? Then, your battery is probably completely dead. Under such conditions, jump-starting is the only option left if you do not have a garage or mechanic nearby.

Even if the battery is not old enough, the battery might die if you leave the headlights on for a long time. Moreover, due to loose connections in the battery and under extreme hot and cold temperatures, there’s a probability that the car’s battery might die.

Battery is old

Every car’s battery has a lifespan. On average, the battery should be replaced within 5 years. If the battery gets older than that, then there’s a probability that it will not restart. Under such circumstances, the battery will have to be jump-started. However, this is not a permanent solution. Temporarily, you might do the same. On the contrary, make sure you replace the battery so that the car runs smoothly.

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Engine is cranking

If the engine cranks whenever you press the button, the only option left to start the car is to use jumper cables attached directly to the engine. The jumper cables give an extra boost to the car’s engine, which will help start the engine initially. However, the problem with the engine persists. Hence, you need to consult with the mechanic to resolve the issue.

Contact DR Recovery for a fully qualified team of experts who can help you with jump-start services, check the car’s actual problem, and fix it as soon as possible.