A set of reliable jumper wires should always be in every driver’s car to Jump start in Caterham. Anyone can buy a set of jumper cables from an auto parts shop or big store retailer, and they will last for several years. Always take proper precautions before putting your hands on the cables.

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Here are the steps to Jump Start a car

1. Find a vehicle with a strong battery. For using jumper cables to jump-start your car’s dead battery, you have to first find a car with a working battery.

2. Place the other car in a good position. Position the second car in a way that its front bumper lines up with your front bumper, giving a few feet of space between the two cars for you to operate.

3. Ensure that both cars are turned off. Before connecting the jumper wires to the battery’s ports on both vehicles, make sure they are both off.

4. Activate the hood. Check to see that the vehicles’ hoods are unlocked and securely braced.

5. A red clamp should be placed on the good battery’s positive post. The second red clamp should then be secured to the dead battery’s positive post. Put the good battery back in the car and secure the black clamp with the negative post.

6. The car with the dead battery should have the black clamp placed on a grounded surface.

7. Before attempting to start your engine, you should give the other car a little period of operating time so that your dead battery can recharge.

8. Try to get your engine started. If your engine starts up without any issues, keep both vehicles turned on for a while to let the battery finish charging.

9. After a few minutes, disconnect the jumper cables.

10. Stack your jumper cables and make sure to offer the other driver a big thank you! Before you switch the engine off another time, you should let your car run for at least ten to fifteen minutes.

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