Are you tired of sudden car breakdowns? Perhaps, you’re not paying attention to your car’s regular maintenance. Experiencing a car breakdown in the middle of the road is annoying and troublesome. However, you can reach out to a reliable company offering services for breakdown recovery in Crawley. Here are some measures you can take to avoid such issues.

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How Can You Avoid Sudden Car Breakdown?

Regular Maintenance

Taking your car on a regular basis is one of the most effective ways to prevent breakdowns. Follow the manufacturer’s suggested service intervals to change the oil, replace filters, rotate tires, and other required examinations. It will help you to identify underlying issues timely. Hence, you can save money by avoiding expensive repairs.

Check Fluids

Ensure checking your car’s fluid levels regularly, including brake fluid, engine oil, coolant, and transmission fluid. Not having sufficient fluid level can overheat your car’s engine and also result in poor brake performance along with other mechanical failures. Keeping a check on fluids ensures the smooth running of your car and minimises breakdown risks.

Regular Tires Inspection

Properly inflated and maintained tires are important to make your car roadworthy. Hence, you must check your tire pressure periodically and don’t miss checking the spare tire as well. Make sure to meet the recommended levels. Besides, check the tread depth and don’t forget to check for any signs of damage. Driving a car with damaged tires can cause a loss of control. So, inspecting them regularly is crucial.

Keep a basic Toolkit

Always ensure you have a basic toolkit in your car, as these can be your saviour during sudden breakdowns. You can keep tools like jumper cables, lug wrenches, flashlights and other essential items. You must also know the right ways of using tools to use them during an emergency.

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Don’t Ignore Warning Signs

Your car may show warning signs to notify you about the potential issue. Pay attention to dashboard warning lights, weird noises or vibrations. We suggest immediately addressing these issues and taking your car to a qualified mechanic.

Battery Health

One of the most common reasons for sudden car breakdowns is dead batteries. Make sure to check the battery terminals for corrosion to prevent such situations. You may require to replace or test the battery if it is over three years old and showing signs like dim headlights or slow cranking.

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