A flat tyre is one of the most common issues for most car owners. It is an issue that can be used by any individual, no matter what vehicle they have. The tyre puncture or flat tyre issue is quite risky when it happens late in the night or even at a place when there is no such help in sight. However, some tested methods exist for fixing the flat tyre in Caterham.

Before knowing how to fix a flat tyre, you need to figure out how a flat tyre is caused. In case you are driving with a punctured tyre, there is a thumbing noise that starts to come from the wheel. A jerky feeling also accompanies it. Even the steers get heavier when you are driving the vehicle.

What You Should Not Do With the Flat Tyre

The difference gets more prominent when one of the tyres gets flat. It is why it is getting tougher to steer the car while having a flat tyre. The first thing to remember is that you do not need to panic when you realise that you have flat tyres.

You must slow down the vehicle, switch on the emergency lights and pull it safely. Also, you can drive slowly to the nearby parking space. Make sure you only drive a little with the punctured tyre, as the more you drive with this tyre, the higher the chance of permanent damage.

Whom You Must Consult When You Have Flat Tyres

When you are stuck with a punctured tyre in the middle of the road and unsure how to replace it, it is good to call the expert. For this, you can call the car’s manufacturer roadside service, who will help drive the car down to the location and then carry out the repair task. Secondly, you can also call a friend or anyone nearby. In such a scenario, the person will make the tyre expert aware of replacing the flat tyres. Also, when you are stuck with no one in sight, you can call the cops and request them to help you with the flat tyre.

Van Recovery Redhill

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