It is dependent on a few things when and how frequently you must alter your tires.

Consider the following when deciding whether to replace your tires or not

  • Do you drive frequently?
  • Do you travel vast distances frequently, or merely short distances sporadically?
  • Does your automobile have a lot of miles on it or is it brand new?
  • If ever, when did you last update your tires?

You can use a few bits of information from your car, along with the responses to the questions above, to determine when to change your tires again. Finding out the following shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

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The majority of automobile specialists would advise you to replace your tires approximately every six years. You might need to replace your tires sooner if you drive a lot. In the same manner, if you don’t drive frequently, you may drive away for a couple of more years. You may safely guess that you will need to replace your tires six years after buying a new car. You’ll probably need to check the tire’s printed date if the vehicle is used.


Changing your wheels every 25,000–50,000 miles is another excellent rule of thumb for tire replacement. You can usually see the overall mileage on the dashboard of your car.

When driving, the steering seems strange

Being aware of how the vehicle feels as you drive is a further physical check to determine whether it’s time for new tires. When you’re driving, does the steering wheel feel comfortable or does it vibrate or lean to one side more than the other? Consider changing your tires if either of the above conditions occurs.

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What Occurs If You Don’t Replace Your Tyres?

Even though there are measures you can do to increase the longevity of your tires, you must replace them when they become worn out. Your safety and the safety of other drivers on the road are in danger if you delay changing your tires. Accidents may occur as a result of the way your vehicle stops and breaks when its tires are old. Replace your tires as soon as they need them and drive responsibly.

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