Experiencing flat tyres all of a sudden is a nuisance to every vehicle owner. If you come across such a scenario, hiring a company repairing flat tyres in Redhill is the only option. Repairing flat tyres is a difficult job since there are several steps involved in the process.

What are the Steps in Repairing Flat Tyres?

The professionals conduct a series of steps for fixing this issue as listed below:

Prioritise safety standards:

Before initiating the tyre repair, ensure your safety and that of others. Don’t repair the tyre in a crowded location; rather, pull over the vehicle to an undisturbed place.

Evaluate the damage:

Assess the tyre to know the exact reason behind this phenomenon. Check for punctures, cuts, or foreign objects embedded in the thread. This way, you can determine whether the tyre can be repaired or it needs to be replaced.

Gather the tools:

Thereafter, gather the necessary tools like a jack, wrench, tyre gauge, and repair kit to repair flat tyres.

Remove the flat tyre:

Lift the vehicle, loosen the nuts, and remove the punctured tyre carefully.

Inspect the tyre:

You should examine both the inside and outside of the tyre for additional damage. Assess the rim for dents that may have caused the flat tyre.

Plug or patch the tyre:

Undoubtedly, it is the most important step in tyre repair. If the puncture is small, use the repair kit to plug the hole. Adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions during the process. Make sure you insert the plug securely.

When the damage is near the sidewall, you need to apply a patch. Follow the kit’s guidelines while applying the patch.


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Reinstall the tyre:

After repairing the tyre, fix it back onto the wheel hub. Tighten the nuts by hand to ensure even pressure.

Lower the vehicle:

Now, lower the vehicle using the jack. Remove the jack when the tyre is in contact with the ground.

Evaluate tyre pressure:

Use a tyre gauge to determine the air pressure in the repaired tyre. This way, you can adjust the tyre as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.

By adhering to these steps, you can effectively address this common roadside problem precisely.

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