There are so many types of tyre damage that can affect the safety and performance of the car, but the type of damage that results in a flat tyre in Crawley is mainly a puncture. There are two types of punctures- rapid puncture and slow puncture. The rapid ones are easily detected as they affect the handling of vehicles.

On the other hand, a slow puncture remains unnoticed for a long time. Slow puncture leads to the flow of air slowly over time, resulting in a pressure drop after a long duration.

If a tyre experiences a slow puncture, the tyre fails to perform at its best, and it can affect driver safety. The instances that lead to flat tyres include uneven road surfaces, and potholes can largely impact the tyres.

What Causes The Slow Puncture And How You Can Spot One?

One of the common causes of slow puncture is the tyre pierced by any sharp object. It can be a shard of glass, a pothole or any other object having sharp edges. If you hit the tyres hard on any surface, or you fear you may have passed a surface of broken glass, it is good to check the condition of the tyres.

There are lots of signs that show that your vehicle has undergone flat tyres. When driving on a flat road, relax the grip on the steering wheel for some time and feel whether the car is pulling left or right.

If you feel the same, this indicates that at least one tyre has experienced low pressure. Some other signs of slow pressure include vibration through the steering wheel or changes in car handling.

Roadside Recovery Caterham

Even many slow punctures can also result from leakage in the valve. If the valve is damaged, you need to replace it as soon as possible. If the valve is not the issue, look for other puncture spots.

How Is Flat Tyre Repaired?

If you experience a flat tyre in the middle of the road, you need to take it to a nearby mechanic who will offer the best services on flat tyre repairs. The technician will check the spot where the leakage happened and then provide the right solution. D R Recovery Ltd offers car recovery and flat tyre repair services. Want to repair tyres? Visit us or call us for further discussion.