Imagine driving down the highway on a well-planned trip, and suddenly, the car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. In despair, roadside recovery and towing services are the only saviour.

When you’re left stranded on the highway without a mechanic or garage nearby, you’ll have to contact a roadside recovery service for a quick rescue. For roadside recovery in Redhill, keep several professionals with you who can help you out of the mess.

Before you book the services, here are a few towing services you can avail of.

Roadside Recovery Redhill

What are the different types of towing services?

Light duty towing

Are you afraid that the towing truck will drag your car down the road? Then, book a light-duty towing service. This is a flatbed towing method where the car is safely rested on the levelled surface of the towing truck and safely transported to another location.

So, if you have a luxury car, fret not. Light-duty towing service is an effective option. Your car will not be scrapped, dragged or face any wear and tear.

Heavy duty towing

Heavy-duty towing is the best option if your car is heavy or oversized. Heavy-duty towing trucks have powerful winches and hydraulic cranes to lift the heavy vehicle on the same.

If you’re stuck with a school bus, dump truck, fire truck, or limousine car, you need heavy-duty towing services. If you’re stuck with a heavy vehicle, using a light-duty towing service is not a safe and feasible option.

Roadside Recovery

Roadside recovery

Again, if you’re stuck with a flat tyre, dead battery, or a lockout situation where the problem can be solved with a little interference from the mechanic, get in touch with professionals for roadside recovery.

This will help you reach the nearest garage and get the issues sorted. Again, with roadside recovery, you can expect the assistant to even fix the issue on the spot. This will help you carry on safely with your road trip.

For reliable vehicle breakdown recovery services, contact D R Recovery. We have been consistently providing motor services to make our customers’ lives stress-free. Roadside recovery, road traffic accident, light commercial recovery, specialist recovery, and keyless recovery—we’ve got you covered for all these situations.

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