When you go out to start the car, and it doesn’t start – it turns out to be a nightmare for the car owner. Failing to start the car can be a serious situation, especially if you’re in a hurry or stuck in the middle of nowhere. It is a common situation that can occur anytime. That’s when jump starting the car is a useful tactic to start the car. You can do this all by yourself if you have an idea about the technicalities of the car. You can also contact professional mechanics for the jump start in East Grinstead.

In most cases, a weak or dead battery is the primary reason a car must be jump started. Here’s a list of scenarios when you will be forced to jumpstart the car.

When should you jumpstart the car?

Clogged fuel pipes

If the fuel line has been clogged, the car will start for a moment and then stop again. This is because when the fuel line is clogged, the proper amount of fuel does not reach the car’s engine. With the help of the jump start, you can generate ignition into the engine and temporarily start the car.

Malfunctioning alternator

Poor alternators are equivalent to dead batteries. If your car has bad alternators, it will not start. Again, with a jumpstart, you can manage the emergency and make the car run for a short distance. This will help you take the car to the nearest garage for servicing.

Damaged starter

Sometimes, there are no problems with the battery; rather, the problem lies with the starter. Starters generally malfunction when the car ages or oil contamination occurs from the leakages. If the car doesn’t respond after the jump start, you must call the mechanics for emergency services.

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Bad spark plugs

The spark plugs are an important part of the car’s ignition system. When the spark plugs become non-functional due to oil leaks or other fluid leaks, the jump start is the only initiative to make your car’s engine work for some time.

Dead battery

Car batteries, especially under cold weather conditions, do not last forever. The battery eventually dries up and becomes dead. In such situations, jumpstarting the car is the only option left.

Contact DR Recovery to rescue you and your car from anywhere in Grinstead. If you are stuck in the middle of the road with a damaged car, then try jumpstarting the same. If it doesn’t work, contact us for prompt solutions.