Accidents or car breakdowns can occur anytime without any prior warning signs. However, don’t panic if you are stranded with a broken car. Call on a roadside recovery in Caterham and get an immediate response from the team. Roadside recovery services involve a properly trained professional team who will check the car’s issues and help you get rid of the damaged car.

However, ensure that you follow a few things to ensure that the recovery service reaches you in time.

Roadside Recovery Caterham

Things to keep in mind before calling a roadside recovery specialist

Provide the live location to the team

When you call the recovery team, share your live location. This will help the team to locate you as quickly as possible. This is certainly not a brainer; however, people in a time of panic need to share the location properly, which delays roadside recovery. To avoid confusion, be smart and share the live location with GPRS access so that the team reaches you on time.

Park the car safely

Just because your car has broken down in the middle of the road, wait to leave it stranded there until the recovery team arrives. Make sure you park the car safely at the side or corner of the road. The last thing you would want is to encounter another accident and damage the car further. Also, keep a safe distance when the car is being towed. Otherwise, you can face the problem of getting hurt by a car.

Keep the lights and signals switched on

Once the car has broken down, ensure that you keep the lights and the signals on so that every other car passing through the lane can view the same and understand that the vehicle has broken down. When the signals and lights are reflected from the car, the other cars can check the location of the damaged cars from a distance.

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Call a reputed roadside recovery company

Whenever you’re hiring a roadside recovery team, make sure that you check the details, tools and the types of car towing services that they offer. For instance, if you have a four-wheeler, you must hire a roadside recovery company with larger vehicles. This will help to move the damaged cars effectively.

Approach DR Recovery for effective roadside recovery services in Caterham. We have a range of services for people stranded on the road with damaged cars. To know more, check our website.